Accelerated Small Cap Growth 15 Public

Accelerated Small-Cap Stock 15

Accelerated Small-Cap 15 is a model portfolio comprised of 15 growth-oriented small-cap stocks (market capitalization typically under $2 billion) focused on delivering substantial growth.

The portfolio selection includes U.S. companies only.

The portfolio is concentrated on companies that exhibit strong and improving fundamental attributes that have shown consistency in their own fiscal outcome and high earnings quality.  Strategic Stock 30 portfolio attempts to find companies that have a solid history of sales and earnings growth, free cash flow and/or increasing dividends, managements’ adherence to fiduciary duty to shareholders and exemplary stewardship.  Additionally, the portfolio may hold lesser-known companies Bryan and his team believe have a favorable probability price appreciation.  The portfolio also takes advantages of perceived valuation arbitrage that consists with stocks considered to be priced below their intrinsic valuation, as quantified by Bryan and his team.

*Past performance is not an indication of future results.  Performance calculations are based on pre-tax assumptions and do not include any applicable trading commissions or other account fees you may incur in actual trading.  Investing in any security contains certain risks.  Discuss risk factors with your advisor before investing.